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3 Reasons Why Mid-Century Modern Furniture Is Making A Comeback

The clean and simple functionality that defines mid-century modern furnishings are becoming increasingly more appealing among today's buyers. As more people begin to appreciate the understated elegance of furnishings built from 1945 to 1965, demand for these items has increased.

Here are 3 reasons that might explain why mid-century modern furniture is making a comeback among today's collectors.

1. Mid-century modern pieces can be added to even the most modern decor.

Mid-century modern furnishings often display clean lines and neutral hues. All you have to do is take a look at any home decorating magazine from the 1950's, and you will see how versatile these furnishings really are. While mid-century modern furnishings are definitely a blast from the past, they fit nicely into the modern design that seems to be popular among urbanites today.

Since modern design incorporates a lot of clean lines into its style, mid-century modern furnishings blend seamlessly, adding an element of retro chic to any living space. This ability to seamlessly blend old and new doesn't exist with Victorian or Louis XV style furnishings, and it is this ability to mix old pieces into a modern design that has helped propel mid-century modern furnishings to popularity in today's market.

2. Mid-century modern pieces helps baby-boomers recapture their youth.

Nostalgia plays an important role in helping to explain why mid-century modern furnishings are enjoying such popularity with today's buyers. Children born in the 1950's are often referred to as the "baby-boom" generation. These baby-boomers were raised during a time when mid-century modern furniture was at the peak of production. Chances are, pieces carrying the mid-century modern design were available in the childhood homes of these individuals.

Now, baby-boomers are reaching retirement age. They have higher levels of disposable income, and they are willing to spend money on furniture that reminds them of their youth. This nostalgia could explain the rise in demand for mid-century modern pieces in recent years.

3. Period television shows have resurrected mid-century modern style.

Furniture trends can be affected by pop culture, and the introduction of period television shows like Mad Men and Pan Am has helped to resurrect mid-century modern style. Since these shows are set during the time when mid-century modern was at its peak, the sets of these shows are filled with examples of mid-century modern furnishings.

As viewers become enthralled with the lives of characters on the show, they begin to adopt some of the same style choices. Increases in sales of mid-century modern furniture could be attributed to this increased visibility that period television shows provide.

No matter how you look at it, mid-century modern furnishings have a large fan base that continues to grow. Furniture produced during this era can lend a retro feel to a modern space, remind someone of their youth, or help consumers pattern their homes after the homes of their favorite television show characters. If you want to incorporate this trend in your own decor, visit a local mid century furniture dealer, like Bucks County Estate Traders