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The Best Mattresses For Arthritis Sufferers

If you have arthritis, you experience daily aches and pains. When you go to bed at night, you should feel as comfortable as possible. Your current mattress may not be giving you the support you need. Learn what to look for in the best mattresses for people with conditions like yours, so you can finally get some relief at night.  

Memory foam

If you want support for your aching joints, then memory foam is a great option in a mattress. The supportive foam contours to your body, reducing pressure on your spine, hips, and neck where you likely ache the most. Your local mattress store will allow you to give each memory foam design they have a 'test sleep' so you can feel the easy comfort for yourself.

Pillow top

Pillow top mattresses are traditional coil spring mattresses with a thick, pillow layer added on top for comfort. These types of mattresses are excellent if you prefer to have a firmer place to rest your head but still want to keep your arthritis in mind. You can choose a mild to thick pillow top mattress to fit your needs at a large mattress store. If you need added comfort, you can custom-order an additional pillow top cover that slips onto the existing supportive material easily.

Gel memory foam

Like classic memory foam, gel memory foam mattresses are designed to lightly contour to your body, reducing pressure on your already stressed joints. Many people who buy this kind of mattress enjoy the firm feel with the added support, as well as the natural cooling effect of the gel within the memory foam. It's a good idea to check this type of mattress out alongside a classic memory foam style if you are thinking of getting this type of bed for your home.


If getting in and out of bed is an issue for you, then a latex mattress may work out well for you. Similar to memory foam, it offers firm support of your body while you sleep, but allows you to move more easily in bed. The latex retains its original shape easily, so if you have issues with your hips, ankles, or back, this may be the best type of bed to give you the comfortable respite from your arthritis.

Shopping for a comfortable mattress that can help with your arthritis symptoms doesn't have to be difficult. There are many great options to choose from, all available at your local mattress store, such as Abba's Appliance Sales and Service Inc.