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Choosing Modern Furniture For Your Small Home

Modern interior design is often all about clean cut lines and plenty of wide open space. While accomplishing these design goals can be relatively easy in a large home with an open floor plan, this seemingly easy task can become much harder when trying to decorate a small home. Thankfully, a lack of square footage doesn't need to mean giving up on your dreams of having modern decor. In fact, using the tips below, you can effectively choose modern furniture for even the smallest homes.

Look For Items That Serve A Dual Purpose

When choosing furniture for a small home, it is extremely important that you make the most out of every piece of furniture that you choose. Picking items that can serve more than one purpose is a great way of doing this. For instance, rather than choosing a sofa that extends all the way to floor, consider choosing one that has drawers beneath each seat. This will give you some extra storage space while also allowing you to make use of the contrasting colors and shapes that are so popular in modern furniture lines.

Another very cool addition to any modern living room is a sectional sofa that easily converts into a round bed. By splitting the bed into two half moon-shaped sections, you are able to create a beautiful sofa that is both simple and sophisticated. However, when you combine the two halves, you end up with a full-size round bed that is perfect for when you have company over.

Create The Illusion Of More Space With Open Shelving Units

Closet and cabinet doors can make a small space look even smaller by abruptly interrupting the eye's line of sight. Consequently, removing these doors will often create an illusion of having more space, despite the fact that you haven't actually created any more room.

One of the best places to utilize this technique is a hallway or front foyer. By removing the doors from a coat closet or other storage space and installing a few shelves, you will be able to give the appearance of a larger space. This open storage space will also allow you to incorporate many of the small touches that can really tie your modern decor together, such as a straight line lamp or modular storage containers.

When using these open shelving units as part of your decor, remember to always keep your lines pointed in the direction of the furniture you are trying to accentuate. This will allow the eye to flow naturally over the space and create the appearance of an open floor plan.

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