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Simple, Low Cost Ways To Decorate Dining Room Chairs

Sometimes you can't afford fancy dining room furniture made of beautiful wood. Instead, you picked up a cheap table and chair at the thrift shop. That doesn't mean you can't make your dining room look pretty. Here are some simple, low-cost ways to decorate dining room chairs that need a little more pizzazz:

Back Covers

Many people like to use covers on dining room chairs that completely cover the chair from top to bottom. Sometimes they have waves of material. These covers can be expensive. Instead, dress up just the back or top half of the chair using back covers. You can make them with some fabric and fabric glue. Purchase discount material from a craft store. There's always some type of fabric on clearance. Change up the material to match with the seasons or holidays.

Leg Covers

Leg covers on chairs serve a purpose. They keep the legs from scrapping on wood floors and leaving marks or making dents in carpet. Simple rubber leg covers are usually the cheapest and easiest to put on the chair legs. You can use these useful covers to add some color to your dining room chair. Paint the rubber covers with acrylic paint. Be bold. If you can knit, or know someone that knits, have them make yarn leg covers with fun-colored yarn.

Seat Cushions

Seat cushions serve a purpose and add decoration to chairs. The cushions make the seat of the chair more comfortable to sit on and the fabric looks pretty. The best way to get seat cushions on the cheap is to go the garden section of your local department or home goods store. Wait until the end of summer when all the summer goods are on sale. You'll find beautiful cushions that will fit your dining room chairs and pay half the price or even less. You can also make your own simple seat pads by braiding cotton cord and then rolling it up in a circle, gluing the cord as you go.

Flower Pot Hooks

You can find cheap plastic flower pot hooks at dollar stores or splurge on longer lasting metal ones. Hang the hooks on the back of the dining room chair and hang a plastic flower pot from it. You can now use the pot as decoration. You don't have to fill it with flowers, although fake flowers are an excellent choice. Fill it with stuffed animals, fake fruit, silverware, napkins, and any lightweight decoration you can think of. Fill it with decorations for each holiday.

Your low-cost dining room set doesn't have to look low-cost. Even with little money and DIY skills, you can make those dining room chairs beautiful. If you decide the DIY-approach isn't for you, visit a business like Esprit Decor to find dining room furniture that fits your home.