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Outdoor Furniture Tips To Let You Use Your Patio When It Gets Cold

If you invest the money in a patio, you are going to need to make sure that you are able to use it as much as possible. This is easy during the summer when all you have to do is adjust the shades over your patio to control heat levels, but it can be difficult in the late fall and early winter when it starts to get cold. Here are some outdoor furniture tips to let you use your patio as much as possible before the snow falls.

1. Get Heated Seats

The first thing that you're going to want to do is invest in furniture that uses an outdoor generator to heat the seats, special, battery operated heated pads to put underneath the seats of your chairs, or chairs that are made out of a darker material that will naturally hold the heat from the sun on days when it is not overcast. This will allow people to sit outside when it is cold but still have enough heat surrounding them to allow them to remain comfortable. Your blankets will even be more effective because the seats will be generating heat, which will be trapped by the blankets, allowing the space underneath the blankets to be warmer for longer.

2. Get Furniture That is Able to Be Pulled Close to the Fire

The next thing that you want to do is make sure that your outdoor furniture is fireproof. This is important because one of the main ways that many people use to make their patio more winter-friendly is to install a fire pit. People are going to want to pull their chairs close to the fire pit in order to absorb the maximum amount of warmth, but this can be problematic if the fire pit sparks and the chairs are flammable. If you get furniture that is fire-resistant or fireproof, your guests can get close to the fire without having to worry about your furniture catching alight. Make sure that any blankets you keep on the patio are also fire-resistant.

3. Have Lots of Small Tables

Finally, make sure that you have lots of small tables that people can use to place their drinks. In order for people to be outside, they are going to need to warm themselves from the inside out. Having lots of small tables will allow people to keep their drinks as close as possible but still socialize with others and move around the patio.

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