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How To Make Your New Standing Desk More Comfortable

Standing desks are among the latest trends in office furniture, but converting to a standing desk can be difficult for people who are used to sitting all day. The following tips will help you make your standing desk more comfortable so the transition from a sitting desk to a standing desk will be easier to manage.

Buy A Convertible Desk

It is possible to stand too much, especially at the beginning when you're not used to it. Buying a convertible desk will allow you to switch between standing and sitting as the day goes on. Once you've owned your standing desk for a while and your legs are used to the increase in activity, you may find that you'll use the standing feature more often.

Stand On A Mat

One of the reasons that your legs may get tired as you stand throughout the day is the hardness of the floor. Use a mat specifically designed for use beneath a standing desk to cushion your feet and provide support for your joints.

Get A Tall Stool

Get a stool that's tall enough to sit on while working at your standing desk. Although you may not find it comfortable to sit on a tall stool for long periods of time, your body will feel better being able to change position from sitting upright to standing throughout the day.

Use A Separate Keyboard Tray And Monitor Mount

Standing desks are only ergonomically good for you if you can keep the parts of your body in a neutral position while you stand. This means that your head must be looking straight ahead, your back should be straight, and your arms should be held at slightly greater than a 90-degree angle. In order for this to happen, your keyboard and monitor will need to be positioned at different heights. Use a monitor mount and an adjustable keyboard tray to make sure this happens.

Use A Stool Or A Foot Rest

A stool or a foot rest is another device you can use to switch positions throughout the day. While you stand, put one foot on the stool (or foot rest), then after a while, switch to the other foot.

For more information about how you can stay comfortable while using your new standing desk, speak with the office furniture dealer who sold you the standing desk. He or she can tell you other techniques that people use for their standing desks.