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5 Winning Tips For Adding More Space To Your Place With Furniture

No matter what your life-stage, you can make the most of your small space with these tips. From down-sizing baby boomers to first apartment dwellers, if you choose your furnishings carefully you can make even the most cramped spaces look airy and large. Read on and get started on adding more space to your place with these 5 tips.

1. Down-size your couch.

It's all too easy to misjudge size when viewing furniture in large showrooms, so know how much couch (and other furniture) you really need for your space. Measure and take the tape measure with you to shop. Don't stop there, though—take into consideration the scale of a piece. Exaggerated, overstuffed upholstered pieces, even if they fit in your space, use up a lot of visual room. Save the tufting for smaller pieces, like a scaled-down side chair, which will provide you with the comfy, cozy look without the visual heft. Search out tables that are more narrow, like a hall table, rather than a bulky console.

2. Make your pieces multitask.

Ottomans are hot right now, and with the addition of a tray for drinks they make a chic coffee table as well. Look for one that has hidden storage inside for blankets, magazines, toys, etc. Shelving units with attractive fabric bins keep your belongings neat and out-of-sight. For a quick storage solution, drape a pretty cloth over a table and stash everything from file boxes to litter boxes underneath.

3. When it comes to accessories, go for a clean look.

It's only natural to surround yourself with treasures from travel and personal mementos, but too many out at once can not only make your space look small and cluttered, it will visually overwhelm your senses as well. Keep only few, well-curated chotskies out at a time, and rotate them every few months for a fresh look. It will serve to delight you anew.

4. Choose colors wisely.

When choosing your larger furniture pieces, go as light as you can practically go. Just as using a mirror to enlarge a space visually by tricking the eye, light colors in upholstery, floor coverings, wall, and window treatments do the same. Light colors makes the furniture look less heavy.

5. Allow unbroken lines of sight.

Another trick-the-eye tip involves placing your furniture against walls when possible and paying special attention to traffic patterns. Instead of upholstered pieces that sit almost directly on the floor, look for pieces that sit up on legs to further enhance the effect. Glass topped tables reflect light and will seem to disappear.

Keep these 5 tips in mind when shopping for new furniture and it will help your space look less cramped and easier on the eye. For more tips and information contact a company like Surroundings Fine Consignments For Your Home or another location.