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Planning On Buying Furniture? How To Keep It Attractive And Functional

As soon as you buy new furniture and have it in your home for a while, it becomes used. Over time, it will pick up a few scratches here and there, even when you are extremely careful. It is inevitable and better to accept this than to get upset over wear and tear. However, you should do what you can to keep it looking attractive and remaining functional throughout the years to maximize its lifespan and value.

Cover Up Scratches

Micro-scratches in small qualities are not a big deal, but they will add up as time goes on. While you can sand down wooden furniture and paint or stain it to remove the scratches, there is a faster method. It is possible to take a solution of equal parts olive oil and vinegar to get rid of scratches on furniture.

Proper Assembly

If you are buying furniture that is already assembled, you do not have to worry about this detail. However, many individuals shop for unassembled furniture as it is an affordable option. You are not going to save much money in the long run if you have to replace various furniture pieces due to sloppy assembly.

Set aside an hour or two before doing any assembling. Find an area with a soft surface, such as a rug or carpet to avoid damaging or scratching individual pieces on a hard surface. If you have power tools, you should make use of them as it can save you a lot of time compared to using the provided tools.

Flip the Cushions

Switching your mattress around every few months will help it last longer, and you can apply the same rule to furniture cushions. The main thing that you have to do this with is couches. However, you can find some recliners with removable cushions that you can flip around or at least let air out every once in a while.

Use a Plastic Cover

Putting a plastic cover over your furniture is not an attractive look, but you can still use plastic covers to your advantage. All you need to do is put the plastic covers underneath the cushion covers. The furniture may make a small plastic noise when you sit down and move around, but it will protect it from liquid damage. Spills are an easy way to reduce the longevity of the furniture in your home.

Keeping furniture functional and attractive is a matter of preparation and careful decision-making. Contact a furniture store for more information.