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3 Aspects To Better Understand Scale In Your Interior Design

One of the most common mistakes that home decorators make when they decorate a room is to fail to add scale to a room. Scale involves selecting features of your room that are different sizes, shapes, and heights. This adds visual interest to your room and makes it look complete. Failing to integrate scale into a design makes a room look stiff and unfinished. Below are three aspects of scale that will help you make better design choices for your home. 

Matching Furniture Can Count As One Piece 

One aspect of scale is mixing large items with small items to avoid clutter but also give a room a feeling of space and openness. A novice mistake is to think that matching pieces contribute to your scale as separate entities. For example, if you purchase a large, overstuffed couch, you may think it is a good idea to balance its size with a matching ottoman. However, the matching ottoman will not provide a balance to your couch. Instead, it will contribute to the couch feeling even more massive and overwhelming. Instead, you might opt for a small coffee table or side table or small artwork hanging behind the couch. 

Heights Can Be Achieved With Several Design Aspects 

While all of your furniture should not usually be the same height, it is okay to have most of your furniture one height if you achieve varying heights with other design aspects. For example, curtains, a painted horizontal stripe around the room or art hung at different heights can add visual motion to a room that has the majority of the furniture at one height. At the same time, you should still select one or two pieces of tall furniture that can guide your eyes to the ceiling. Something as simple as tall reeds in a vase can break the monotony of an overly matching room. 

Pattern Scale Is As Important As Physical Scale 

While physical scale is important it is also important to consider the scale of your patterns. For example, if you have large floor tiles you may want to have a smaller pattern on your drapery. However, if you have a large pattern on your couch, you may want to select wood flooring with a tight, obvious grain. 

Once you begin to play with scale in your rooms you will find that your home becomes more visually appealing and fun to be in. 

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