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4 Decorating Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a very exciting event, and it can be the realization of a dream that you have had for a long time. But after escrow is closed and you have the keys, you will have to start decorating your new house. Decorating a home in the way that you have envisioned can be overwhelming. Many first time home buyers do not have a huge amount of money to spend after purchasing a house; use the following tips to create a stylish home that you will be proud to live in:

Splurge on Solid Wood Furniture

When deciding where to splurge when decorating your house, you can't go wrong buying solid wood furniture. A solid wood dining room table, coffee table, and television stand are sure to last for many years. While solid wood furniture can be a little more costly than the particle board furniture that you put together yourself, it is often of much higher quality and can make a big impact on the overall look of your home. If brand new solid wood furniture is out of your budget, try looking at consignment shops and estate sales to find the perfect wood pieces. 

Embrace Using Paint

Painting is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your new home to reflect your style without having to spend a lot of cash. You can opt for a neutral color scheme throughout, or select different paint colors for the walls of each room in your house. When painting your living room walls, consider painting an accent wall a different color to draw attention to features such as a fireplace or wall art.

Keep Things Organized

One of the keys to keeping your new house looking great after you move in is to be organized from the start so you can prevent clutter and disarray. It can be a good idea to install closet organizers as well as shelves that can hold decorative baskets of your belongings. 

Combine Classics with Current Trends

As you begin decorating your first home, it is in your best interest to buy larger items, such as a sectional or sofa and loveseat, that are a classic style that you can own for a long time before they need to be replaced. If you want to incorporate some current design trends, consider having fun with less expensive items, such as window treatments and curtains, throw pillows, and decorative accents.