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4 Tips For Buying A New Couch

The couch in your living room is typically the centerpiece that brings the whole room together. It's also one piece of furniture that tends to be used the most by the family. For this reason, it's important to buy the right couch for your home and for the comfort of your family. Here are four tips to consider when buying a new couch:

  1. Measure the Space: The first thing you want to do is measure the space where the new couch will go. You want to be sure that there will be enough room for people to get around the couch and that there is enough space for a coffee table or side tables if these are something that you want. If you don't measure the space, you may end up bringing home a couch that is too large for the space or so small that it looks awkward. 
  2. Pay Attention to Construction:  The couch that you purchase should be constructed well, which indicates its ability to last in your home without there being any visible signs of damage. The first thing you want to take note of is the type of wood that is used for the couch legs and frame. Oak wood, for example, is one of the most sturdy wood types that your couch can be made of. You should also take note as to whether or not the back of the couch is padded. If not, there is a higher chance that the back of the couch will tear because there is nothing holding the fabric in place. 
  3. Know the Stuffing Type: Another thing to pay attention to is what the cushions are stuffed with. If the cushions are stuffed with a cheap material, such as polyurethane, then the cushions are going to flatten out quickly. A more durable stuffing is ideal, such as high resiliency foam. It should be wrapped in down, which ensures that it is comfortable to sit on since high resiliency foam is a harder material. 
  4. Pay Attention to the Fabric: If you have kids and pets, you definitely want to choose a fabric that is easy to clean. The fabric should also be easy to remove so that you can wash it. If you've found a couch that is easy to clean but the upholstery is not removable, be sure to invest in a slipcover that you can take on and off as you please. When you are smart about the type of fabric you choose, you can be sure that your couch lasts much longer. 

When you consider these four tips when buying a new couch, you can be sure that you invest in the best one for your home. Check out companies like Affordable Business Interiors Pre-Owned Furniture for more information.