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Want to Make Your Small Apartment Look More Modern? Here's How

When you live in a small apartment, you don't have much space in which to make an impact. That's why you have to be smart about the furniture and decorations that you choose. Use the tips described below in order to create a modern, fresh space that will make you proud.

Choose the Right Materials for Furniture

If you are still using dark, heavy wood pieces in your apartment, now might be the time to part with them. Wood tends to have a classic look; if you want a more modern feel, consider pieces that utilize metal and glass. For instance, instead of an oak living room table, you may want to replace it with a smaller glass table with steel legs. You might want to use steel or copper drawer pulls and cabinet knobs.

Of course, classic materials can sometimes have a place in a modern space. If you're someone who loves the way natural wood looks but still want your place to look modern, search for simple pieces with smooth edges that don't have any ornamental flourishes.

Choose Pieces with More Than One Function

With clutter everywhere, no one is going to look at your apartment and think it's sleek or modern. That's why you've got to get better at keeping unnecessary belongings out of sight and creating as clean and open a space as you can. Multi-purpose furniture can help you do this.

For instance, so-called cubes or ottomans can offer seating to guests, but they can also do double duty as a storage box for blankets, linens or other belongings. To make them look modern, you can select pieces that are already covered with snazzy designs or upbeat colors.

Make Use of Open Shelving

Open shelving is another thing you can use so that your apartment can look more modern. For instance, if you're going to buy new cabinets, opt for an open shelving plan instead of closed wood shelves. You may even decide to use metal tins and boxes on the shelves to further create a modern feel. This kind of setup can also be practical, as you'll be able to see what is on each shelf at a glance; you won't spend as much time looking for items.

When you use these tips and take the time to look for the right pieces to add to your apartment, you'll be able to modernize your space. Check with local retailers like Visions In Contemporary Living for modern furniture that will help you complete the look.