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3 Creative Uses for Reclaimed Wooden Crates

If you're not into the idea of spending a ton of money on a new wooden piece of furniture, then you may want to consider purchasing reclaimed wooden crates. This is not only a far more environmentally sustainable option but also makes for a unique conversation piece regardless of the room the crates are in. So take a look below at just a few ways you can incorporate reclaimed wooden crates into your home decor.

Coffee Table

One way to add a hefty dose of rustic sensibility to your living room or den is to integrate a coffee table made of wooden crates. Simply place two crates a few feet apart and parallel to each other, preferably on a rug. Then head down to the local hardware store and grab an appropriately sized window to place horizontally on top of the crates. You may need to anchor the window to the crates with a few nails, but regardless, you've now got yourself a stylish living-room centerpiece for a fraction of the price you otherwise would have paid.

Boot Rack

If you live in a colder climate where winter or rain boots are a daily necessity, then you'll know how dirty the foyer can become when people begin to track their muddy boots through the door. Fortunately, smaller wooden crates present an inexpensive and simple solution. Simply sand down and stack as many small wooden crates as you need near the front door, and look forward to never having to deal with an unorganized pile of boots again. If you have small children, you may also want to think about securing the crates to the wall as an extra precaution.

Seasonal Displays

If you're wondering how you can add a little creative zest to your normal holiday decorations, look no further than a couple of small, reclaimed wooden crates. Sand them down first, and then stain them however you'd like. You can even paint the crates if you're feeling extra crafty. Then stand them on their sides and use them as a backdrop to a small Christmas village or Thanksgiving cornucopia. The crates work as a background that is simultaneously distinctive and complementary in any given space. So if you're someone who is looking to up their holiday decoration game—but not at the expense of your savings account—then grab a hold of a few wooden crates and get to work!

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