3 Aspects To Better Understand Scale In Your Interior Design

One of the mostcommon mistakes that home decorators make when they decorate a room is to fail to add scale to a room. Scale involves selecting features of your room that are different sizes, shapes, and heights. This adds visual interest to your room and makes it look complete. Failing to integrate scale into a design makes a room look stiff and unfinished. Below are three aspects of scale that will help you make better design choices for your home. [Read More]

Planning On Buying Furniture? How To Keep It Attractive And Functional

As soon as you buy new furniture and have it in your home for a while, it becomes used. Over time, it will pick up a few scratches here and there, even when you are extremely careful. It is inevitable and better to accept this than to get upset over wear and tear. However, you should do what you can to keep it looking attractive and remaining functional throughout the years to maximize its lifespan and value. [Read More]

5 Winning Tips For Adding More Space To Your Place With Furniture

No matter what your life-stage, you can make the most of your small space with these tips. From down-sizing baby boomers to first apartment dwellers, if you choose your furnishings carefully you can make even the most cramped spaces look airy and large. Read on and get started on adding more space to your place with these 5 tips. 1. Down-size your couch. It's all too easy to misjudge size when viewing furniture in large showrooms, so know how much couch (and other furniture) you really need for your space. [Read More]

How To Make Your New Standing Desk More Comfortable

Standing desks are among the latest trends in office furniture, but converting to a standing desk can be difficult for people who are used to sitting all day. The following tips will help you make your standing desk more comfortable so the transition from a sitting desk to a standing desk will be easier to manage. Buy A Convertible Desk It is possible to stand too much, especially at the beginning when you're not used to it. [Read More]